We provide an expert, honest & accurate assessment of any change in your prescription & the need for glasses. We will tell you if glasses are not necessary. Sadly, it’s common practice for some providers to always prescribe glasses, even when they are not needed.

Proper prescriptions are accurately determined on a patient by patient basis. We routinely fit challenging glasses. For example:

  • Commercial pilots who need bifocals at both the bottom & top of the same glasses to see their flight-deck instruments
  • Golfers who need only a small bifocal in the corner to see a score card without disturbing driving or putting vision
  • Traumatic injury & birth limitations who need prism to aid in eye misalignment

Independent Optical vs. Corporate Optical Centers

We work closely with Washington Heights Opticians conveniently located at the practice. They have decades of experience & are Board Certified. Maryland does not require opticians (the people who make glasses) to be certified or trained in any way.

In fact, anyone can be hired to make glasses. Accounting departments determine which frames, lenses, coatings & bifocals to use regardless of different patient’s requirements for vision.

Independent optical centers also have the freedom to select frames, lens, coatings or bifocals they know will best serve the patient. Unlike corporate optical centers that rely on purchasing low quality material to attract attention with impossibly low pricing.