Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery

Dr. Kessler is now performing cataract surgery using the LenSx femtosecond laser. The LenSx laser is the most technologically advanced option for cataract patients today

The role of this laser in cataract surgery is to assist or replace several critical aspects of traditional manual cataract surgery. The laser will be used to correct astigmatism.

A femtosecond laser is cool laser that emits pulses of energy with extremely short durations. For nearly a decade, femtosecond lasers have helped surgeons perform bladeless LASIK with precision and safety. The LenSx laser now allows surgeons to deliver the same benefits of precise femtosecond laser technology to the cataract procedure. That means cataract surgery is more precise, predictable, reproducible and safe.

Dr. Kessler uses the laser to perform several critical steps of traditional cataract surgery with a computer-guided laser, the LenSx laser. This laser makes cataract surgery more accurate and predictable.

Steps Replaced By Laser

Opening access incisions: The first step in cataract surgery is to make small incisions into the eye. In laser cataract surgery the LenSx laser, rather than the traditional hand-held blade, creates these incisions.

Astigmatism correction: If the patient has any pre-existing astigmatism, the laser can now be used to correct it. This is a very accurate and precise way to correct astigmatism.

Capsulorhexis: The lens capsule surrounds the cataract, and must also be opened to remove the cataract lens. Normally another hand-held tool is used to create this opening, but it can now be performed by the LenSx laser.

Lens fragmentation: To more easily remove the lens it is broken up into smaller, more extractable pieces. Before, this was done with metal “choppers” or ultrasonic probes, but here the laser safely performs this step.

Benefits of choosing Laser Cataract Surgery over traditional cataract surgery:
Precision: LenSx uses the same computerized technology for cataracts that has been used in LASIK surgery to create the highest level of precision available with a cool laser instead of a blade.

Safety: LenSx is safe and may potentially minimize risk by providing a faster and less invasive procedure with more control.

Control: LenSx offers real time images to guide the surgeon for proper alignment. Images of the eye are projected onto a video screen giving the surgeon real time visual images during the surgery.

With LenSx, patients now have the option of choosing a computer-controlled, bladeless laser to perform the most critical steps of the cataract surgery procedure. This helps make the procedure more reliable and precise, with more consistent results.